Past Performances

Our 2016 Spring/Summer Show "Farther North to Laughter or Buck of the Yukon Part II" Press Release, February 2016
The Cast

"Ta Da!"

"So Brave and Dashing!"

"Oh, you great, big, vonderful Mountie!" "Dudley, how could you!?" "Now we can steal the gold!"

"It's the Mountie way!" "And now, to steal gold..." "Uh, oh..." "You got plan, Darlink?"


"Put 'em up!"


Our Vaudeville Style Broadway Olio

The Cast

Daisya, Bob, Jolene, Jacob and Rebecca

"Play me something nice."

Mama Mia

"Hello, Sailor!"

Bob can dance a little "Sidestep" "Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets.." "I'll Make you Popular!" "Gentry's side effects."

"I Cain't Say No..."

Audience Participation!

The Dentist

Then finish it all off with a little "Grease"!

Our 2015 Summer/Fall Melodrama: "It's Nice of you to Notice" Press Release, June 2015
The Cast "Hiram - What are you doing?!"
"I have plenty of money" "Ah, my dear, We'll be rich! "I'm goin' to take care of you..."
"What are you doin' in this Pit of Snakes?" "What in the devil has happened here?"

Our Vaudeville Style Olio
Lori, Mike, Jolene, Noah, Daisya, and Jake Mark Arnest Can't Stop the Beat!
A 4-hand piano number...using feet? Splish Splash! Hold that Tiger!
A Little Mambo Jolene on her own... Mike sings to all the pretty women

Our 2015 Spring/Summer Melodrama: "Panic on Pikes Peak"
Press Release, February 2015
The full cast with Mike on Piano Bachman (Jacob A.) and Foxy (Cheyenne) hanging on while Bing (Jacob C.) drives and Andy (Mitchell) and Connie (Rebekah) ride shotgun.
On the air live with KOZY "It's my way or the highway, Foxy!" "How would you like to work as actors at KOZY?"
"My Hero!" "Why I could stare at you all day, Miss Foxy!" Will KOZY live to broadcast another day?
Partners? "Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes!" Making the Magic Happen...

Our Vaudeville Style 1980s Olio
Mitchell, Cheyenne, Jacob, Rebekah, Jake, and Camille "It's a Celebration!" "Prom Night, anyone?"
Don't Worry...Be Happy No one puts Baby in a corner. Come join us with our cheerleader routine!
HAIR BAND! The Chanteuse - beautiful! Mr. Michael Brown

The 2014 Summer/Fall Melodrama: "The Pigskin Perils of Old PU": Press Release, Pigskin Perils
The cast: Brittani, Lee, Jacob, Cheyenne, Daisya, Noah and Mike Hero and Heroine
Villainess and Villain Sweet Hearts? "OH NO! What's going to happen?"
Big D, a true athletic supporter. "But who's going to save the day?" Michael stays the course until the final curtain

The 2014 Summer/Fall Season Vaudeville Style "Doo-Wop" Olio

Daisya, Brittani, Jacob, Cheyenne, Charles and Lee
Surfer Boys The Wizard of Oz, performed in 5 minutes
"Don't Talk Back!" Michael Brown

2014 Spring/Summer Melodrama "The Shanghai Express"       Press Release,Shanghai Express
The cast: Daisya, Anthony, Noah and Madeleine Hero and Heroine
Villain and Vamp "uh, what the...?" "What nefarious scheme are they hatching?"
Our Hero, Davey! Mercy, Our Sweet Heroine Shanghai Lil - Hubba, Hubba! Black Jack Flogg

2014 Season Vaudeville Style "Razzle Dazzle" Olio
Madeleine, Anthony, Daisya, and Noah
Madeleine, Anthony, Daisya, and Noah Mark Arnest

Photographs for the 2014 season were graciously provided by Marcus Photography.

The 2013 Season Melodrama "Danger Ranger Granger"           2013 Press Release
The cast: Tim, Roger, Thomas, Daisya, Anthony and Shannon Hero and Heroine
Villian and Vamp "uh, who are you?" "Watch Out!"
Hubba, Hubba! New Friends
Ranger Granger doesn't take any guff! "Just a little kissy-poo.." Our Sweet Heroine

The 2013 Season Vaudeville Style "Ragtime" Olio
Thomas, Shannon, Roger, Daisya, and Anthony Anthony Guerra
Daisya Dowen unleashed Shannon Urban highlighted The Girls Gone Wild!

Photographs for the 2013 season were graciously provided by Marcus Photography.

The 2012 Holiday Review

The 2012 Season Melodrama, "Code of the West"

The 2012 Season Vaudeville Style "Country" Olio

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