60 Years of Continuous Fun!

The Chateau

We are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our wonderful patrons:

With heavy hearts we officially announce that the Iron Springs Chateau Dinner Theater will not reopen for its summer season in 2020.

This year we are celebrating 60 years of good food and fun! We opened and closed our show in March, so we think it still counts as continuous! Unfortunately, we won't be able to continue the celebration this year. Our little tourist attraction relies on large group attendance and well, with the limits in place due to Covid-19 and the lack of large group reservations, it just doesn't make sense to bring back our staff/cast for the summer season.

We will keep you all informed as to when we will be able to open and are keeping our fingers crossed for our 2021 Spring/Summer Show.

When we do reopen, expect it to be a BIG PARTY!! We've got 60 years to celebrate!

Reservations: 719-685-5104

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