Summer Show 2022

"Montana Serenade...or...Gold Time in the Rockies" Press Release, May 2022

By Trelys DuPre
Runs 20 May 2022 through 30 July 2022

"Montana Serenade...or...Gold Time in the Rockies" is a hilarious 1890's western melodrama that takes place in Dry Gulch, Montana (wherever that is?). Dry Gulch is a mining town, where laws are nonexistent, and men are leaving town for better prospects in droves. Can our Hero win an election and save both his beautiful Heroine and the town?

The Cast
(left) Black Jack Bart [Bruce Littrell], Missoula Tulula [Daisya Brown], Cactus [Rachel Rhodes], Bonnie Hausknecht, Shy Sue Sweetbread [Rebecca Haile], and Traveling Tim Terrific [Jay Greene]
Oh Cactus Blossom...there oughta be a law against you!
Missoula Tulula Let's Have a Drink!
"Dust & Clean the whole day through" "Oh, Cactus!"
"Well, Hello..." "Git yer hands off her!"
"Ta Da!" New Love
"Hmmmmm..." "Darlin', I know how we'll win."
"Not so fast, stranger!" "But, you can't buy and sell people."
"Cactus Blossom to the Rescue!" "Now to go vote for Tim!"
"The polls are closed." "And the winnin' vote is...."
"Happy Endings Every Time"

Sing-Along Intermission
M. Kathryn Allen (L) and Cassidy Forrest (R) M. Kathryn Allen (L) and Bonnie Hausknecht (R)

Our Vaudeville Style Curtain Call Revue
"On With the Show!"
There's no Business Like Show Business What a Picture!
Beautiful Dance Recital
"Don't Tell Mama!"
Ladies Choice "100 Easy Ways to Lose a Man" "Arrrrggggg, Matey!"
"We Don't Do Anything"
One More of the Cast

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