60 th Anniversary Spring/Summer Show 2020

"Honesty Always Wins...or...This Mine is Mine" Press Release, March 2020

By: Vicki Kelly and Bruce Littrell
Runs March 13th through October 3rd 2020

(Women left to right) Vanity Worthmore [Madeline Campbell], Ena Pinch [Sarah Huebner],
Mama Worthmore [Sarah Greenley], Honesty Worthmore [Chandra Tipton],
(Men left to right) Big Buck Brawney [Jordan Parish], Pomeroy Pinch [Justin Dennis] and tickling the ivories is
Bruce "Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player" Littrell
The Cast "The Worthmores"
"Sisters" "Good?"
"No local girl would have YOU!" "Stop That!"
"Time is Money!" "You'll be the richest man in town!" "Oh, Buck..."
"My Arm?" "Oh, Miss Vanity!"
"It was YOU!" "Have Pity, Ma'am!"
"That's Enough!" "Gads, she's heavy!"
"Time to send you to your last dive!" "GOTCHA!"
Honesty Knows Best Cast - "Happy Days are Here Again!"

Our Vaudeville Style "1960's for 60 Years" Olio
"Let's Dance!"
The Cast
"He had it coming!"
"It's in his kiss!"
She's Coming to Take Them Away! "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart" Guys

One More of the Cast

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