Spring/Summer Show 2018

"A Precious Bit of the West...or...She Was Simply A Delight!" Press Release, February 2018

Runs February 9 through August 11 2018

“A Precious Bit of the West...or...She Was Simply a Delight” is a classic western melodrama. Our heroine, Precious Delight, has traveled from England to claim the ranch she inherited from her uncle; but the evil Ralph Rancid intends for the Buffalo Chips Ranch to become part of his spread. Can Harry Hotline, the editor of the local paper, and his best friend Grizzly Jack help Precious and her Aunt Ima stake their claim before the Buffalo Chips Ranch goes up for auction?

This show is followed by a Vaudeville style "Mardi Gras" Olio/Musical Revue, that is full of Mardi Gras and New Orleans themed songs, jokes and skits!

The Cast
(From left) Grizzly Jack (Jackson Peterson-Hirsch), Ma (Lori Adams-Miller), Harry Hotline (Davin Roark), Precious Delight (Daisya Dowen), Ima Delight (Becki Yukman), Ralph Rancid (Kevin Morgan)

A Family Shot

"We just need two rooms for the night."

"Precious, the West is barbaric!"

"There's a wild man here!" "High falutin' piece of lace..." "You can call me Harry."
"Oh, Harry..." "The Newspaper Office is on fire!" "Who's this Delight?"
"HA! Did you really think that would work?" "She'll NEVER sell you the ranch!" "Then you will be blown to bits!"
"Why you're quite civilized!" "Glad you noticed..." "Put 'em up!"
"Like I told you..." "'re finished!" "Shape up - and don't call me Ma!"

Our Vaudeville Style Mardi Gras Olio
Mardi Gras!
When the Saints Go Marching In
Down in New Orleans

Intermission Cast Line Up Festivities "Hey Cowboy..."
A Nice Girl The Crawfish Hunter

Bruce Littrell
Ticklin' The Ivories
New Orleans More Mardi Gras Festivities
The Ladies
Mardi Gras Mambo??? The Guys

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