Summer Show 2023

"All Trains Lead to Home...or...Training Spaces"

By Richard Sebastian-Coleman
Runs 19 May 2023 through 23 September 2023

“All Trains Lead to Home...or...Training Spaces” is the age-old story of a railroad town, Pleasant Creek, that is threatened by the shuttering of the railroad. This hilarious classic melodrama has the evil Barnabas Brawl, new owner of the railroad, making plans to bypass Pleasant Creek so he can buy all the properties for a song. What will happen to sweet Betsy Boop, owner of the Betsy Boop Pie Shop, if she can't deliver her fresh pies to her out of town customers? And what about Edward, Betsy's heartthrob and best customer? Edward will have to move to the Big City to keep his job as conductor on the railroad. Can anyone stop the nefarious scheme put in motion by Brawl?


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