Spring/Summer Show 2019

"One Bad Apple...or...As the Worm Turns" Press Release, February 2019

Runs February 14 through August 10, 2019

“One Bad Apple...or...As the Worm Turns” is a classic melodrama where poor Granny Smith can’t pay the mortgage on her orchard, because the apples are infested with worms! Granny’s niece, Goldie Lishus, will do anything to help out, but going to work for Ella VaFlooze at the gaming hall is surely out of the question…isn’t it? However will our hero Sheriff Fisher Cutbait rescue his true love, Goldie, from a dreadful life with the evil Gill Crabpot and save the Angler’s Haven Applery?

(top left) Gill Crabpot [Andy Patschull], Don't shoot me I'm only the piano player! [Mark Arnest],
Ella VaFlooze [Daisya Dowen], Fisher Cutbait [Christopher Dionne],
(bottom left) Aunt Granny [Sarah Huebner], Castor Baithook [Kevin Morgan], and Goldie Lishus [Rebecca Haile]
"Aunt Granny, what's the matter?" True Love "Are you finished planting the worms?"
"I can help you with your problems" "Oh Goldie, No! Promise me you won't."
"Bwahahaha, this place will be MINE!" "Oh, my Hero!
"Crabpot!"   ...   "Cutbait!" "I look foolish" "Goldie won't marry you."
"You look exquisite..." "Miss VaFlooze, you're the besht!"
"One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, Girl" "Goldie, you must pick."
"Crabpot, you're finished!" And Mark's still smiling!

Our Vaudeville Style "Grand Old Opry" Olio
(Photos Coming Soon)

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