Summer/Fall Show 2017

"Jenny Jones - Spy Catcher!" Press Release, June 2017

Runs June 23 through 14 October 2017

“Jenny Jones – Spy Catcher” is a 1940’s Newspaper Office melodrama where the evil foreign spies Hedy D. Lamarr and Drat Gopherbreath are trying to steal government secrets and achieve world domination!
Jenny Jones, reporter and editor of the “Dear Mary” column, and newspaper office manager, Debby Deadline, help government agent Morse Code capture the spies and foil their evil plot!

(left) Drat [Bruce Littrell], Dreadnaught[Kevin Morgan], Bonnie Hausknecht, Hedy [Sallie Walker], Morse [Hunter Buck], Jenny [Rebecca Haile], (front) Debby [Lori Adams-Miller] The Cast
True Love "We must finish the column."
"Yes, Mr. Dreadnaught" "Where are those letters?"
A Dangerous Woman A Dangerous Team
"He's a dreamboat..." "Darling, I'll never tire of hearing that..."
"You'll catch them soon, Morse" "And now, for our escape!"
The Chase... "Gotcha!"

Our Vaudeville Style "1970's" Olio
"Startin' with some Elton John!"
"The Cast" Cover of the Rolling Stones
The women "Feel the Earth Move". "Jam Session"
"1970's Rockin'" King Tut
Ladies Choice Hunter - channeling Tom Jones "You're No Good!"
Bonnie's Piano Special Star Wars in 5 minutes!
One More of the Cast

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