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Bonnie Hausknecht
Bonnie started picking out tunes on the piano at age 4 after hearing sing-alongs with the family player piano. She was raised on musicals, melodramas and every style of music imaginable, and is the organist/pianist at a local church in Colorado Springs. Bonnie is so excited to join The Chateau in bringing joy and laughter through stage, song and ivory ticklin' - and we are ecstatic to have her!
Rebekah Ratterree
Rebekah's latest role as Helena Handbasket in "Disturbance at the Delta" is a hoot and she's having a blast! Long time Chateau player and one of the owners, Rebekah is a jewel on the Chateau stage and integral in the daily operations. When she’s not on stage, she loves to spend time with her family and (of course) spend countless hours working and playing at the Iron Springs Chateau.
Alicia Cuevas
The Chateau welcomes Alicia back to the stage as Claire Voyant in "Disturbance at the Delta". This is Alicia's third season as a Chateau Player, and we're excited about her passion to be a performer and entertainer. When not on the stage, Alicia keeps busy with running half marathons, working out and keeping up with her beautiful daughter!
Brenden Martinez
Brenden excells in his debut performance on the Chateau stage as Ken Catchem, the hero in "Disturbance at the Delta". Brenden has always had a passion for acting from a young age. Amongst his favorite roles he's played are Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and The Cat in the Hat in Seussical The Musical. Brenden would like to thank his friends and family for their support in his acting career, and the generous cast and crew of the Iron Springs Chateau who have made his first professional show a memorable one.
Jordan Parish
Having just finished his time with The Air Force, Jordan is excited to be coming back to preforming after a long break. While working on his degree during the day, he hopes to spread a little fun and cheer to those who come to the theater at night. Jordan wishes with all his heart that everyone who comes to the show has a rip roaring good time and reminds you all to be good to each other!
Andy Patschull
Andy is a singer, actor, and musician with varying degress of experience in his many talents. Going from a Street Team/Roadie for a local metal band to a karaoke superstar, Andy joined his first band as the frontman of local cover band "Vanilla Blue." The Iron Springs Chateau is happy that Andy decided to take the leap to become a Chateau Player in his first professional role as our villain Led Robster in "Disturbance at the Delta." Andy continues on to sing and compose in his own style, and is an avid video game enthusiast, streamer, assembler, not to mention an amateur Accordion player to boot!
Brittany Ratterree
The Iron Springs Chateau welcomes Brittany in her first show on the Chateau stage as Harriet Halfnote, our choir director in "Disturbance at the Delta". Brittany has worked most of the positions at the Chateau, to include waitstaff, parking, concessions, and stage tech. When not working, she loves spending time with her family, especially her beautiful daughter!
Sallie Walker
The Iron Springs Chateau is super excited to welcome Sallie back doing intermission for our Summer/Fall Show! Besides all things theatrical, she is fond of gaming, writing, drawing and observing human behavior. A truly gifted comedienne, Sallie is a local favorite, having performed and directed at most of the theatres in Colorado Springs. Her wonderful talents are a welcome addition. Much love and gratitude to her son, Guy, for his support and awesomeness!

Disturbance at the Delta
Director Lori Adams-Miller
Musical Direction Bruce Littrell
Bonnie Hausknecht
Choreography Daisya Dowen
Rachel Gressler
Costuming Stephanie Bradley
Back Stage Tech and Spotlight Jason Harbour
Sallie Walker

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