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Bruce Littrell
The Iron Springs Chateau is ecstatic to have Bruce back for our 2018 season. Bruce began playing piano over 50 years ago, and is an enthusiast of all genres of music. A former owner of the Iron Springs Chateau, Bruce has performed in every possible position. We are ever so thankful that he has continued to musical direct productions, tickle the ivories for our shows, perform intermissions and shows and work spot lights! He's a true gem!
Lori Adams-Miller
Lori is excited to be playing Ma, in this year's production of "A Precious Bit of the West". She's been performing on the Chateau stage for over 25 years, and is still having a blast! Lori has played a plethora of characters, and as an owner, is wearing the many different hats required to keep all the balls in the air.
Daisya Dowen
Daisya first debuted with the Chateau in 2008 when she played Buck in "North to Laughter - or Buck of the Yukon". Her enthusiasm and talent have held true through her performance as Earline in "What Became of Nona Jane" that closed in August of 2017, as well as her performance for our 2017 Christmas show. Daisya is a fitness junkie who, when not at the Chateau, enjoys Zumba and strength training, hiking, and is an avid white water kayaker in summer and cross-country skier in winter.
Rachel Gressler
Rachel, according to her mother, has been singing since birth, and she began to seek the stage at a young age. Among her favorite roles are Janet from Rocky Horror, Liesel from Sound of Music, and Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. After a hiatus from theatre, Rachel is thrilled to be rejoining the Chateau family. When away from the stage you may find her singing on a trail, baking in her kitchen, or snuggling her puppies.
Kevin Morgan
Kevin, who has been involved with theater most of his life, first performed at the Iron Springs Chateau in the 1990s. He spent the last several years living overseas in Hungary, and has recently returned to Colorado. He is thrilled about rejoining the Chateau Players this season, and we are delighted to welcome him back to the Chateau stage! When he's not performing he enjoys playing the banjo, guitar and harmonica.
Jackson Peterson-Hirsch
The Iron Springs Chateau is happy to welcome Jackson as a Chateau Player in his debut on our stage as Grizzly Jack. He does his best to get smiles out of people, while trying hard not to be a normal person, whether as a housekeeper in his day job at Glen Eyrie, a Fanfiction writer under the name 'Jacob Pendra-Huth', or as a sidekick character in the up and coming play 'A Precious Bit of the West'. He spends most of his life inside his imagination, planning stories and scenarios to write. "If there's one thing I'm good at, it's making a fool out of myself, and saying 'thank you' afterwards!"
Davin Roark
The Chateau Players feel pretty lucky to have Davin join their ranks! Davin is the attractive one in the play, go-ahead look it up he’ll wait. This is Davin’s 8,000th play since he's been acting (you can look that up, too). He loves to play guitar, and owns three at home. He enjoys hunting crustaceans as well as worshipping his shrine to Johnny Cash every night. This is Davin's debut at the chateau and he is loving every second of it, and hopes you enjoy the show!
Becki Yukman
The Iron Springs Chateau welcomes Becki in her debut performance as a Chateau Player. Becki is proud to be born and raised in Colorado. A data analyst for the Space Foundation by day, Becki has performed with local theater companies for the last decade as everything from a cat to a dog to a stodgy British aunt. She wants to thank her loved ones for their endless support and patience. IRONically, 'Melodrama' was her favorite album of 2017.

A Precious Bit of the West
Director Rebekah Ratterree
Musical Direction Bruce Littrell
Bonnie Hausknecht
Choreography Daisya Dowen
Rebekah Ratterree
Costuming Stephanie Bradley
Back Stage Tech and Spotlight Brittany Ratterree
Rachel Gressler

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