Summer/Fall Show 2019

"Prairied Treasure...or...Are You Sirius?" Press Release, June 2019

By: D. Chapelle

Runs 14 June through 05 October 2019

(top left) Ima Hack [Jolene Howard], The Most Excellent Pianist [Bonnie Hausknecht],
Sirius Swindlemore [Craig Howard], Prissy Tingle [Sarah Greenley],
(bottom left) Abby Everafter [Emily Newton], and Rex Renard [Hunter Buck]
The Cast "Watch out for the sketchy people!"
"I can help you" "You have my attention, beautiful"
"He's behind me, isn't he?" New Love
"Shoo, little mouse!" "Hi kids!" "I'm an honest gambler."
"The man I love!" "Stop it!" "Ooh, what's the dirt?"
"What if Rex finds me?" "Oh, darling!"
"Now it's time to get rid of you!" "I've got you now, you villain!"

Our Vaudeville Style "1920's Speakeasy" Olio
"Iron Springs Chateau Speakeasy!"
Her shadow is a real pain!
"Jam Session" Them There Eyes
You Gotta Get A Gimmick If You Wanna Get Ahead
Dressy Tessie Tura Electra Stanley the Seranader
What's wrong with her? "Why Don't You Do Right?" Stanley the Seranader...AGAIN!

One More of the Cast

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