Spring/Summer Show 2020

"Honesty Always Wins...or...This Mine is Mine"

By: Vicki Kelly and Bruce Littrell
Runs March 6th through August 8th 2020

Honesty Always Wins

"Honesty Always Wins...or...This Mine is Mine", written by Vicki Kelly and Bruce Littrell, is a fun loving melodrama that takes place in the Colorado mountains where men are men and villains never prosper! In this story, the Worthmore women have been slaving to make sure they can pay the evil Uriah Pinch his percentage of the restaurant they run, but there is just never enough money to make him happy. Now, Mr. Pinch has evicted them, and how on earth will they ever get by? Thank goodness Mr. Pinch's nephew Pomeroy has a plan, and Big Buck Brawny is the luckiest man in Colorado. With goodness on their side, the evil Mr. Pinch doesn't stand a chance!

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