Holiday Show 2023

"Miracle in Mistletoe Town...or...Cooking the Books for Christmas Dinner"

November 17th through December 23rd 2023

Trying to bounce back from a recession in the little town of Mistletoe Colorado is almost impossible for Casey’s department store. Mr. Casey and his daughter Kelsey have almost lost all hope and Christmas spirit is at an all time low, especially when real estate mogul Ivana Cringe and her assistant Amanda Smooch have their eyes on taking down the store to put in a new burger franchise. Enter the town’s local reporter, Stan Rather, to see if he can stop the acquisition and save the day! With a few surprises and impromptu musical numbers along the way, will our hero be able to save Christmas?

The melodrama is followed by a Christmas sing-along intermission and our fun-filled Holiday themed Vaudeville style Olio with crazy costumes, songs, dances and jokes!

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