Spring/Summer Show 2017

"What Became of Nona Jane...or...Brown Gravy Blues" Press Release, February 2017

Runs February 10 through August 5 2017

This production is a hilarious southern melodrama where your hero has inherited his mama’s famous, county fair winning, brown gravy recipe after mama’s suspicious demise.
The sheriff is following all of the clues, but who did it? Sweet Joyce Ann’s ribbon was found at the crime scene, but Earline was heard sayin’ she’d kill for that gravy recipe, Henry was seen in the yard with a weapon, and Loomie, well she’s just plain ole mean.
And who’s gonna win the county fair blue ribbon this year? You’re sure to enjoy this inside look at southern charm and the county fair politics.

(top) Henry [Joseph Woodford] (middle L to R) Earline [Alexandra DeLong], Sheriff Baylor [Craig Howard[, and Lou May [Daiysa Dowen] (bottom) Joyce Ann [Alicia Cuevas] and Jim Bob [Kevin Morgan] Mark Arnest - Pianist Extraordinaire
The Proposal Lou May the "Looney"
"Heard any good gossip?" "Why on earth would they think that?"
"Mmm mmm, lovin' me some BBQ!" "We'll save the bones for Henry Jones."
"I, Jim Bob Johnson, will save my Joyce Ann!" The Sheriff
Gravy Song "If only I had that gravy recipe..."
"No one will tamper with my entry!" "Henry, my li'l fishaterian."
"Woofer, you're such a good listener!" "Sheriff, save some room for that supper I'm fixin' you."
The Cast Jim Bob and Joyce Ann

Our Vaudeville Style "Surf's Up" Olio
"Hang 10!" On the Boardwalk
Joseph and Alex have a day at the beach!
Intermission with Jolene Havin' a Blast!
"Come dance with me..." Elvis!
Rock A Hula "I love vacation!"
Pineapple Princesses
"I was Swimming..." The Cast
One More of the Cast

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